P1 Technologies

P1 Technologies is an American company located in South-West Virginia and has been in operation since 1949. Their hands-on engineers manufacture a variety of preclinical neuroscience research equipment. Production includes medical cables used for diagnostic and monitoring equipment; high-end audio equipment, which ensure high quality audiology and communication; and invivo research materials, including infusion cannulas, electrode systems, and optogenetic components. HRS Scientific is the primary Canadian distributor for all P1 Technologies products.

Alzet/Durect Corporation

ALZET® Osmotic Pumps were developed in 1977. Osmotic pumps are used as a drug delivery system, which allows for continuous administration of test agents into laboratory animals. ALZET Osmotic Pumps contain numerous advantages, such as continuous drug administration without the need for external connections or frequent handling by lab personnel.

A-M Systems, INC.

A-M Systems, INC. has been in operation since 1976. Today, they are one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of high-end pulmonary research components and neurophysiology instruments. A-M Systems, INC. aims to make medical efficiency and research innovations affordable via their provision of high-quality products and services.

Steolting Co.

Stoelting Co. is an American company that has manufactured high-quality research instruments for over a century. Stoelting Co. is comprised of five distinct divisions, however, all major products are related to psychophysiology, physiology, and psychological research. Their line of stereotaxic instruments are world-renowned along with several other of their research instruments.

Miscellaneous Products